Foreign Objects - Detail, 2016, H1.5 - 2m x W60cm - 1m x D60cm - 1m, Handbuilt and Thrown Terra Cotta, Terra Sigillatta


Foreign Objects


This is my first time living abroad. Being from an English speaking country, I was surprised by how foreign many aspects of England were to me, and how much of an alien I seemed to be to other people.Part of this new experience was my surprise in finding tropical foliage in England. The plants I see while walking around London often look unwell and out of place, reflecting my own sometimes awkward experiences as an immigrant.

These tropical specimens are also relics from a time in history not commonly or comfortably talked about - an era that has left behind much social and political residue - to me this adds to their absurdity as decorative objects. I believe recognizing earlier historical influences and having a broader awareness of history could be helpful in amending some of today’s conflicts.