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While living in London as an American from 2014-2017, I witnessed from afar the birth of the Black Lives Matter movement, the rise of Donald Trump, and the peripheral hate speak that came with his campaign and presidency. Being abroad facilitates an objectivity which makes it possible to see one's own culture as it relates to a global narrative. This experience immersed in European lifestyle brought to light societal behaviour which can be seen across global post-colonial aftershocks. 


Though colonialism is relatively recent history, the influence of foreign cultures on one another has been quickly taken for granted.


As an outsider, it's hard not to notice the seemingly out of place tropical foliage that adorns the UK as garden trophies and reoccurring characters in decorative motifs. These displaced specimens are taken for granted as part of the landscape by native people, but are actually relics from a time in history not commonly or comfortably talked about - an era that has left behind much social and political residue - adding to their absurdity as decorative objects.

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